Finished my Masters, and started a new prototype!

Last week I defended my thesis with my two thesis buddies, and we all did great! So for now at least, I am done with formal education. It’s a bit of a funny feeling, but it’s also nice to have so much free time.

Which means, of course, that I started making a new game prototype. It’s a war strategy game, based on games like Advance Wars and Civilization V. The setup of the game is meant to be like Battleship: two players sitting and facing each other, with their laptops back-to-back, so they cannot see the other’s screen but they can see the other’s face. I’m hoping for moments of “What, where did that… You!!! I will decimate you!!”

I’ve been working on two prototypes for this idea. One is a physical prototype: a paper map where two players will sit and pit their little Lego units against each other. The other is a digital prototype, for figuring out hex-based terrrain, movement, simple pathfinding, and things like that. Screenshots of the digital prototype:

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