Prototype under development

Work continues on the war strategy game! Had a programming problem yesterday, but a friend helped me out. I was terribly frustrated so I ended up working on other aspects of the game in the meantime… But now it’s all fixed!

I’ve added fog of war, which obstructs vision. The UI layout has changed as well, and it’s still in the works. I added some sketchy unit images that I made way back when I thought of the concept. Also the entire attack calculations are implemented, including range and damage.

Next is to have some effects for the attacks. Also the player should be able to enter their own custom movement path: a unit which moves through fog may encounter an enemy unit. If they were planning on moving through that hex, then the unit loses its attack. If the player has a guess as to where an enemy unit might be, they should be able to move within attack range and attack it, or circumvent it.

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