Hardware crises!

The new year is off to a great start, with my laptop’s internal fan breaking. So I can’t do anything processor-intensive, which for my old computer means pretty much anything beyond emailing and word processing… It definitely can’t run game prototypes which make my CPU work hard to reach 20 FPS. So that strategy game I was working on is on hold for some time.

I’ve been thinking about getting a new computer for quite a while, so I’m going to start saving up for that. In the mean time, I’m not going to get Apple or a certified shop to fix this broken laptop because it’s quite expensive. Instead, I’m going to order the fan and the tools and try to fix it myself! It doesn’t look too hard, looking at the instructions on iFixit – like Lego, but a bit smaller. Worst case scenario, I irreversibly damage my computer, and then I’ll go to my university to do emailing and word processing. Best case scenario, computer life extended by a bit!

I said “crises” because my Nintendo DS Lite is also broken. The right hinge completely broke, which apparently was common for some DS’s. It seems the DS then took damage on my flight back from France, so the top screen is broken. So the DS is completely out of commission! A shame because I had gotten two new games over vacation: INAZUMA ELEVEN and ANNO: CREATE A NEW WORLD. I requested INAZUMA ELEVEN because I had come across a wonderful NES football RPG about a month ago, so I was interested in seeing another approach to football games. I picked up ANNO after spotting it at a store and then reading up on it. It’s a sweet strategy/building game which has a really nice German feel to its design, which I like. I was thinking of writing a review or some sort of design discussion for both of them, but they will have to wait until after I get a new DS, or fix it myself!

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