Secret of Mana + Permadeath

I just got Secret of Mana via the Wii Virtual Console and thought I would see how far I could get without dying. I made it past Gaia’s Navel, where I took a beating from buzz bees, and started to venture underground. A couple of kid goblins landed some hits on me and I was almost down, so I thought I might use a Candy to restore my HP (yes, this is how candy works).

BUT I just needed 2 more experience to level up, and in SoM, your HP are restored to max when you level up! There was just one kid goblin to defeat, and I thought I could take him…

Instead, he handed my ass to me…

I like the idea of permadeath, but I wonder how more casual players would respond to it in their games. Permadeath tends to be a very arcade-y design decision, in the sense that it puts the game into a pretty “hardcore” category – your choices actually have consequences! Hmm.

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