My name is Xavier Stamps-Lafont, and I’m a game developer and music composer. I hold a Master of Science degree in Media Technology and Games, design specialization, from the IT University of Copenhagen. I completed my Bachelor studies at Colgate University, where I studied music composition and Japanese.

My main interest is in game design, both analog and digital. I am particularly interested in prototype design: it may just be the coolest thing ever. I also like making music, and doodling. Combined with my background in programming, I have a nice mix of skills for creating digital things. It’s fun! Also, menus. Menus and menu design are awesome!

I currently work as a programmer at RETO MOTO, the studio making Heroes & Generals, a MMO WW2 strategy + FPS game. I have previously worked as a programmer at MovieStarPlanet, a studio making social MMO’s targeted at tweens, and in tech support at Tradeshift, a web-based business-to-business networking and e-invoicing software company. I have also taught at the IT University of Copenhagen, as an Assistant Lecturer for a Flash course, and as a Teaching Assistant for a course aimed at teaching game designers how to program. I very much enjoyed teaching and communicating ideas to students, and as a result, I am interested in education as well.

I believe that games are cultural artifacts, and I believe that the games we play say something about our cultures. What that is, however, I don’t know yet. By gaining experience in creating and playing games, I hope to find out that something.

My attributes:
Design: 37  |  Music: 38  |  Art: 12  |  Program: 48
Status: Working on Egg of Dragon