Boomerang Girl and the Lost Continent of Mu

FALL 2010

This game was created as my final project for the User Experience and Prototyping course at my university. The course involved using various user research methods to design a game targeted at one person. Interviews, observation, and cultural probes were the methods used to gain information and inspiration from my player.

In the game, the player controls a heroine known only as Boomerang Girl. She ventures to the sunken continent Mu and is charged with raising it to the ocean surface once again.

The game concept is also inspired by THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. The boomerang is the core mechanic of the game, as this was found extremely appealing to my player during the research. The boomerang is used to fight enemies, activate switches, and to defeat the boss at the end of the dungeon. The lore of ZELDA was also a common interest with the player, so I drafted a mythology behind Mu’s disappearance: the Ocean God of the Pacific had warred with the Sky God of the Pacific over possession of Mu. The Ocean God defeated the Sky God and bound him in stone at the bottom of the ocean, dragging Mu along with him as his new domain.

The game prototype consisted of this introductory exposition, followed by a playable portion. The player raises Mu from the ocean a tiny bit, which enables them to explore the ancient ruins of the continent. The playable dungeon ends with a boss fight where the player must discover a new way to use the boomerang.

I developed the prototype in Game Maker. Graphics are from RPG Maker XP. I made the music when I was much younger, and as such it served my purposes of sketching out the game concept.