Edaran War

edaran warWINTER 2011

This was a personal project which I started right after my thesis. The idea was to make a game that’s played similarly to BATTLESHIP, where two players face off against each other. Here, players would be battling on two back-to-back computers, taking turns moving their own units and attacking the other player’s on a battlefield.

The mechanics came from wanting to make a strategy game where different units have a rock-paper-scissor relationship, and where the player must use terrain to their advantage. ADVANCE WARS was also an influence on the concept, in which the  players capture villages, baracks, stables and other buildings in order to fund and build their units. Unfortunately I didn’t get to implement that part of the concept.

The larger idea of the game was for players to wage war over the continent of Edara, set in the same world as FUGITIVE BRAND although at a different time. By moving armies from sites to sites, the players would capture locations important for moving their troops, providing bonuses to certain units, increasing their funds, and so on.

I started building a prototype of the battle played on one computer, and I got fairly far until my old computer broke down.