Fugitive Brand

SPRING 2007 – FALL 2009

This was the game idea that compelled me to get into the glamorous field that is games. As I grew up on a diet of Japanese RPG’s, I have always wanted to make one.

The game follows the story of Brand, a young man accused of murdering a foreign ambassador. Aided by his friend, he escapes captivity and must then choose whether to seek out the truth or to flee.

With this early plot in mind, I set to work in RPG Maker to create my game. After experimenting with the 2000 and 2003 versions, I eventually moved to RPG Maker XP. A year of Java in university enabled me to work in Ruby in RMXP’s Script Editor. The largest work involved modifying the engine’s default battle system to my own design.

The battle system is the Active Round Battle System, under which battles are fought in rounds but the player is able to enter commands during their characters’ turns. This is a mix of old and new influences, from DRAGON QUEST to FINAL FANTASY X. Winning a battle under a certain number of rounds yields bonuses for the player. Battles also take place on the map screens, as the enemies are visible at all times. The player can therefore choose whether to engage them or not, as in CHRONO TRIGGER.

There are many other new ideas in this design, as I spent several years working on it. As of now, however, I have stopped actual development of the game. Games take an inconceivable amount of time and work to create, and an RPG – even one as short as this — is exponentially more expensive to produce.

FUGITIVE BRAND was important for me as it was through this project that I became focused on games. I learned much by working on all aspects of this game. However, I find that as it exists now in RMXP, it isn’t quite how I want it to be. It was an invaluable learning experience for me, but for now, it rests. If I have the resources in the future, I will come back to it and develop it, as this is that game for me – my dream project.


MUSIC – Coming soon!