The Mission

FALL 2011-Present

THE MISSION is a hardcore retro sci-fi shooter/platformer. The idea grew from the union of the themes of the past two Global Game Jams, deception and extinction, as well as one of the achievements of this past GGJ. The achievement was:

3. Back to School, OLD School
The game must have a screen resolution of exactly 160×144, is restricted to a color palette of four shades of the same color, and the game must be 1 Megabyte or less on disk (incl. executable, all assets and external libraries, unzipped)

I started making this little game after the Game Jam. After several months I finished a first level of it. As the player, you explore the surface of a barren planet, encountering enemies that shoot on sight. A cavern leads underground, and you fight many more enemies. Destroying parts of the cave with your charged shots lead you to discovering the entrance to an underground base… The first level ends there.

This game has good old fashioned difficulty. The AI is mortally efficient. If the enemies see you and there is any possibility of them getting a shot at you, they will take advantage of your opening. Then it’s up to you to dodge the shot – if you have the reflexes. In addition to the hardcore AI, there are also a few traps in the level, including a deadly plunge through a saw-lined chasm. This game is not meant for those who want to be told how to beat a boss as soon as they encounter it.

I developed it from scratch in Processing: controls, UI, camera code, AI, graphics, autotile code, optimization code.

During Global Game Jam 2013, I made a 3-player version where players fight against each other in an arena level. Since then, I’ve continued to work on this, calling it BATTLE MODE. Now up to 4 players can play, using controllers (mix and match PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers), and with two more victory conditions (timed and survival).