The Putians

FALL 2010

This is a game I made for the Experimental Interaction course at my university. The premise is that little computer “people” show up inside your computer and ask if they can stay there. You help them grow and develop, and by doing so they become more and more self-sufficient over time. Finally they ask for their independence, and then your response dictates how the game carries on from there.

The experimental bit is in the player losing control over the course of the game. In games, it is normal to gain more control over time in different ways: you get a new gun, which enables a new and different way to fight against enemies, or you get a new power up which changes the puzzle layout in a certain way. These represent a widening of the possibility space for the player. But how often is this space narrowed in a game, and permanently? Plenty of games take away options and possibilities from the player at various courses – see the METROID games, for example. But this is rarely permanent, as you know you will get those speedy boots back later in the game.

I developed the game in Processing, and I made everything. This was also my first try at pixel art!

DOWNLOAD – Coming soon!