Fall 2010 – Present 

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Spring 2011

In Nordic Game Jam 2011, I worked in a large team which made an aesthetically-driven puzzle game. I made the music. The game was a metaphor for the goddesses of fate and their role, so I sought to make a contemplative piece. The theme consists of three parts, recalling the three goddesses, and each of the parts is developed in a repetition. In this piece I manually adjusted the time, duration and velocity of each note-on and -off message. The intention was to give the synthesized instrument a performed quality by adding changes in tempo and volume.

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Spring 2010

I participated in the Nordic Game Jam, which is the Copenhagen chapter and the flagship event of the Global Game Jam. My team made a racing platformer, like a mix between Mario Kart and Super Mario, but with weird, quirky visuals and pseudo-jazz music, which I composed. The visuals made me consider a musical genre with dissonances and unusual note movement, which in turn led me to Thelonious Monk as an inspiration. That one persistent piano note in the right hand in 0:34-0:37 is one of my favorite parts of this piece.

Fall 2009

This was another group’s project from my class at ITU. It’s a fun game about an immortal superhero who longs for the sweet release of death. I made the music on the developer’s prompt of using the themes of Mission: Impossible and James Bond as inspiration.

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Spring 2007 – Fall 2009 

Under construction

Spring 2009

Under construction

Spring 2009

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Spring 2009

I participated in the Paris chapter of the Global Game Jam. My team made a supercute rhythm game played between two players. However, it only works on Linux due to hardware issues with Windows and Mac. I composed the music and contributed to the “choreography” design. The music is of course a waltz, with a small orchestra of classical instruments. My primary concern was to complement the graphics and make a cute sounding waltz. The minor section in the middle contrasts with this concern, but I hope it adds variety to a piece which would otherwise sound pretty homogeneous. Part of the challenge of the piece was to keep adding interesting layers and to make the variations interesting, so that the players would be willing to keep playing the game even if they failed repeatedly on a section.

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Fall 2008

I participated in the Ohio Game Jam in Columbus. My team made a city management game, in which you also have to be careful of the pollution you create. It’s basically a prototype for a network game, for example for Facebook, where players could then do emissions trading, which is an actual problem we have today. I composed the music and incorporated ambient sounds into it.

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Fall 2007 – Spring 2008

My senior project was to write a large piece for the Student Wind Ensemble. I started by planning the project as a whole, and then I wrote the movements over the course of the year. I conducted it at the Student Wind Ensemble’s spring concert. The piece, entitled Another World, is in four movements and is approximately 12 minutes in length.

Summer 2007

I stayed on campus and worked with Mark Volker on a music project. My goal was to develop my melodic and harmonic writing by removing instrumentation as a factor. Therefore, I chose to write for the piano… This turned out differently than I thought, since the piano comes with a whole different palette of sounds and techniques. The project turned out to be more of a study of piano writing.

Summer 2006

I stayed on campus and worked with Mark Volker on my first music project. This was a study in instrumentation, and I wrote a suite of three pieces for flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, horn, trombone, violin, viola, and cello (sorry percussionists!). The suite, entitled Sky Colors, was performed in the spring by university students.