Mega Pickle Music


I’m one of two music composers for Mega Pickle’s unannounced title. I have made 17 background music tracks for the game, and here is a selection of 6 of them. All of these tracks are the property of Mega Pickle.

Throughout the composition of these tracks, a concern has been to respect the memory limitations which meant that tracks would have to be around a minute in maximum length. Consequently the melodies are usually introduced quickly, as there is little time for introductory material. There isn’t too much melodic or harmonic development either due to the time constraint. This was challenging due to my training in classical composition, where time is taken to establish and then develop themes. To create more interest within each piece, I also explored a new palette of sounds which I hadn’t previously worked with.


This is the theme for the first town in the game. Throughout the project I wanted to explore mixing instrumental sounds with sounds reminiscent of 8-bit music, which is prominent in this track. A nicety of this particular track is that there actually is only one melody, and the rest of the material supports it and adds color to it in both of its iterations. The snare, unusual for a town setting, is an influence from the city theme in ILLUSION OF GAIA. Expanding my use of percussion was another aspect of my style which I worked on through this project.


This was the first track I made for this project. It’s the theme for normal battles. Like the previous track, it also explores the combination of instrumental and 8-bit sounds, as well as some small electronic touches. The rhythmic changes are meant to give an extra dynamism to the piece. The dissonance at 0:28 is one of my favorite moments – resolution for each of the ascending and descending parts which together isn’t a traditional chordal resolution.


This music is meant to create a sense of wonder, nearly otherworldly or divine, driven by the organ-like instrument. One chord progression is repeated throughout the piece, while the main instruments play the melody over it.


I chose to make this track a somewhat contemplative piece, with the soft electronic melody repeated and doubled by a piano in the second half of the piece. The minimalist beat was another effort to exercise diversity in my use of percussion. The absence of the beat in the second half is supposed to be balanced by the piano’s harmony and rhythm.

Town Under Construction

This piece is an experiment in crossing the diegetic/non-diegetic barrier, as the hammers of the construction workers come together to form the beat of the music. Are there musicians in the town who are actually playing to the beat of the workers hammering? Using the beats of hammers is inspired by Wagner’s use of anvils in DAS RHEINGOLD. This track also continues the mix of instrumental and 8-bit sounds.


I meant this piece to be soothing, where the player might spend some time admiring concept art of the game. The overall mood of this piece is influenced by ILLUSION OF GAIA, and the use of the deceptive cadence is inspired by MYSTIC QUEST.