Sunday Park


Chen Zou, the artist with whom I worked with on WALTZ APPLE at the Global Game Jam in Paris, asked me to compose music for an animated short film which was a wedding gift for a friend. It’s a very cute short!

Chen sent me the storyboard for the animation and then gave me free reign. I started with the themes for the two main characters which contrasted in timbre and mood. Chen described the girl (who I hadn’t met before) as small and beautiful, so I decided on the music box as her instrument. In the last part of the animation, the two themes would play together, so making them fit while making them both interesting on their own was important.

There is also an excerpt from WALTZ APPLE’s music, as I met Chen and our friend while working on this game. The instrumentation of the entire score consequently is the same as for WALTZ APPLE in order to be consistent throughout.